5 Affordable Makeup Products You Should Try

I have attended series of beauty seminars and I always hear this question during Q &A:

Could you recommend makeup brands that would make me look classy* without spending too much?

Sounds like the same dilemma I had! IKR, these girls endorse beauty products which prices are actually far from what we are expecting (especially if you are a student like me), that we end up being hopeless saying: I can  never achieve her look cause I can’t buy the same  makeup. But the good news? Make up is just like buying clothes, girl – it doesn’t have to be that expensive, as long as you can still achieve the look you want. What you need to do is just to explore the products around you! There are many hidden gems in makeup, and here are the top five I have seen so far (and you should try them, btw):

  1. Myra Vitaglow BB Cream – 80 php

BB cream is the most expensive cosmetic you’ll put in your face, but Myra E makes it less worrying for you could only buy it for 80 to 90 pesos.  It comes in two shades, Ivory and Beige which suits fair and morena skin respectively.  This lasts for like three months, its feels very light on skin and its non-greasy. The bonus? It has a hint of glitters, good enough to achieve a flawless, natural look and to make you shine in selfies or photo shoots!

  1. Simply Pretty Pressed Powder – 99 php

Simply pretty is a teen product in Avon cosmetics, but it’s sure suitable for all ages. It is lightweight, and it is easily absorbed by the face. Unlike other pressed powders, this product doesn’t dry up even after how many months it is left unused (you know those hardened powders, don’t you?). The coverage is perfect, and you can wait for up to four hours before doing your retouch again.

  1. San San Liquid Eyeliner – 99 php

You can achieve beautifully defined eyes through this eyeliner. The best feature? Its felt tip which can help in achieving pointed winged eyes. It also doesn’t smudge, and removing it after a long day is easy that you could just chap it off.  The handle is slim enough that you’ll have a full control when applying the product.

  1. Bobbie Insta-Runway Ready Contour Kit – 215php

Do you need an all-in-one kit to enhance and make your face glow? This kit has it all — from contour, blush, nose line powder and highlighters. It is lightweight and can be easily blended by the brush. The power doesn’t also dry up when left, and the colors suit every shade of skin.

  1. Bobbie Matte About Hue Lipstick – 149php

Matte lipsticks have been the trend for the past months, which is beautiful but obviously more expensive than the shiny and sheer ones. Good thing that we have this Bobbie matte lipstick. It is not a heavy, dry matte lippie despite the price of 149 pesos each. I actually love it because it is absorbed easily by the lips.  It has also a variety of colors, from the most playful pink up to simple MLBB shades! It lasts up to six hours, and is not easily faded after you drink or eat.

*Classy, flirty, and the list goes on.


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