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My Kind of Friends

I am dedicating this blog post to my most treasured best friends in the world: people who never failed to impress me, and people who always believed and supported me in life. Whether it is about school, teenage stuff, fangirling, and #goals, these people are always the best in giving their opinions and feels with all these drama.

So who are they? I will not enumerate these people because I know in the first place that they are not the “recognition-kind-of-people.” I’m more than willing, though, to share the best things I found in them.  I’m just so proud with these attitudes that I hope other people in this world would act like them.  I find it totally perfect – they are actually the reason why I’m still on the right path and I never feel alone.

So far, this is what I learned from them:

  1. They are goal-oriented

Ever dreamed of landing the first place in board exams? How about the vision to study hard right now to help your society?  My friends do, and majority of them exactly know where they are heading at. Their style is to always come up with a plan them accomplish it. Once done, they will think again of another plan then meet the goals and the cycle goes on. The thing is they never run out of something to chase at, whether it is a short-term and long-term goal. Because of this attitude, they learned how to effectively choose the activities they do and invest on the things that will be helpful in the future. They always have this vision, unaware of all the obstructions that’s why they are never lost on their way to success. (And they don’t easily, or not totally influenced by people with negative attitudes).

  1. They are disciplined – at all times

They are people who know how to follow the rules and act like a real professional individual at all places.  There’s always a NO WAY if violations will be committed for the sake of a good result. Being disciplined also means their stuff are always clean, in order, and you will hear them ranting if a single thing didn’t turn out as expected. Their schedules and activities are calculated, and failing to meet one is a big disappointment.  You can let them do the work alone. They know what will be the best for whatever case you give them.  They may be bombarded by lots of activities, but they will always find a way to keep it organized. Leave it to them and they know what to do.

  1. They solemnly utter bad words

If you happen to hear them saying bad words, it is either of the two things: 1) it is just their expression, like surprised). 2) they are ranting about this person who happens to be irresponsible and disrespectful. Their mouths have no room for wasting too much energy of blurting out trash words. Again, it only occurs out of surprise and intense emotions. When arguing, they also do not use the words to intensify what they are saying. They do not give a care with empty and senseless words; they focus on substantial and meaningful ones.

  1. They have a sense of responsibility in the world

Majority of people would always think of buying a car, a mansion, and endless pampering activities when they get money in the future. But what makes my friends different is the fact that they know they have a responsibility in the world that their motivations are extended for people around them. They give value not only for their future, but the family’s, society’s and world’s as well. Failure to make a virtuous act towards people give so much guilt in their hearts. They believe they should always give back. He is acting in a society not just independently, but someone who is part of it that should take responsibility of the events happening around him/her.

  1. They can quickly identify own mistakes committed

They may be way too judgmental sometimes, but they know the limits of what they are doing. If they know they are crossing the borders, they know how to stop themselves. People around them need not to say what they have done, for before they say it, they are already making a way to correct it. They know how to humbly accept the wrongs they have done and do something about it.

  1. They believe that education must be taken seriously

Education is not a punishment  or a cross to be carried by youth – it is a necessity to help oneself grow and be able to give back to the people in the future. For them, it is the main investment in life. I know they find it too tiring and complicated sometimes, but they will never seriously rant about why a person must study at all. They exactly know why they are in schools, what must be done to be a great student, and give attention to the value they give in learning. They always remind themselves how important it is to nurture the minds and improve the skills they have.

  1. They know how to effectively manage their time

Academics, family, and social life could all be worked effectively by these people. Admittedly, there are priorities and there is an uneven distribution of time spent, but the point is how effective they were able to do it. They exactly know how much time must be spent, when it could happen, and what is needed to be done in order to meet the needs of the other aspect of life.  The proportion they give is convincing that it sure does not conflict each of the areas.

  1. They know how to flirt *quietly*

At this point, you may have had the impression that these people are somehow or totally like nerds. But the truth is, unlike those groups of people, I can say that they actually know how to flirt. Romance is still seen as another aspect of life that talking or being into it is not really an issue. The thing is, they do it quietly. The main reason behind this is that it is not a priority where you have to be that aggressive. Most f the people may not see, but they actually feel giggles as well (deep inside). And if they ignited the fire? They know how to intellectually and whole-heartedly love that another person.

  1. They only become a bad bitch when they encounter irresponsible people

Some are quiet, some are loud, but the common denominator about them is that they are all nice people. Only don’t introduce them with undisciplined and disrespectful people! They hate people with no manners, with no sense of what is right and wrong, and who are so arrogant they don’t even know what they are talking about. They really, really turn to bad bitches and they can curse so hardly against these people. But then, this intense feeling would quickly pass by, then they will learn how to move on with life. After all, they believe that they have no time for “these” people.

  1. They believe that integrity and honesty must be first, before glory and honor

They always aim for excellence, and will always aim for these through justifiable means. They never bought the idea of losing their dignity just to get what they wanted. At work, they practice professionalism that they always hold for their integrity no matter how much pressure is surrounding them. Also, awarding and recognition are more of an inspiration for other people than their own gratification of being acknowledged. As always, the goal of their work is to achieve for the best and use it help other people if possible.


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