love, poems


I was running…running
At that moment, we were all laughing
Ten more steps, we will be done
But you walked, suddenly passed by

Dressed in that purple, sweater clothe
You sure know what would impress me the most
I stared at you, not sure if I’m happy
What’s only certain is I kept on moving

Now I remember, I actually rolled my eyes
And snorted just to piss you that time
I kept running, moving forward
Never wanting again to be that coward

But here’s the other side of my story
I actually looked back, hoping you’ll say sorry
You just smiled, shook your head
I turned back, said it’s really the end

Because I’m heading now to another place
I don’t know where, but I’m keeping the pace
I can finally live my life without you — just wait
I’m currently running, moving on from the mistake I made


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