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Best of Justin Bieber’s Lyrics


Who wouldn’t love Jusin Bieber as a popstar? Aside from his cute and charming charisma (in 2010) and manly, boyfriend material guy in 2012 (up to present), his songs will really make you trapped in his trance. I forgot to mention, he was also a really good performer as he sings beautifully  while dancing with the beats. Anyway, going back to that song value: I’m not being biased, but it’s really not all about the repetitive Baby, dramatic Oohs and catchy melody. The lyrics are actually substantial! What makes it even lovelier is the fact that it grows as Justin reaches different stages of his life.

In 2009 to 2011, you often hear him sing about the love at first sight thing, dancing under the stars, being confused about that feeling called love, and trying to flirt the girl she is eyeing. When 2012 came, the lyrics were now mostly about the challenges of relationship, how much love he could give, and trying to be the best boyfriend in the world. In 2013, he shifted to a sexier voice, talking about this manly and adult stage in a relationship, how it’s like to flirt as a real man, and making the relationship goes stronger. Fast forward to 2014-2017, we now hear someone becoming an ex but can still be a perfect boyfriend, one who could control everything and can fully understand what may happen if he will commit to some things. Isn’t it interesting? We see how his maturity developed through time. Honestly speaking I think that wherever part of the relationship you are in now, you can find a Bieber song and relate it to your life.

Okay, so these are the lyrics that stuck in my head and some lines I find really heart-melting (cause it is true). Yeah, why could he be so true? *tears*

-You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall.
-I can tell you’re afraid of what this might do. Cause we have such an amazing friendship that we don’t wanna lose.
Track: Fall
Album: Believe
Fall is really one of the best songs I hear from Justin (see, I have two lines).
First line: We may be hurt in a relationship before, but how could we find the true happiness if we’ll never let ourselves experience falling in love again? Our previous experience will not  be the same with the next.  Justin do not want us to have this fear, which hinders us to see the beauty of love as we fly.
Second line:  It’s either you will move it to the second level, or continue to have that bond in friendship. But the worst is stated here:  friendship may just end. You’ll never know how complicated loving someone is.
If I take the chance and touch her hand, will everything change? How do I know if she feels the same?
Track: Catching Feelings
Album: Believe
There are times we just wanted to be quiet because we are afraid something will change. Change is actually favorable, but for positive ones only. But what if the other side occurred?
Do we really come this far just to watch it go down the drain?
Track: Trust
Album: Purpose
We are guilty of just savoring the moment and feels, not knowing that our partner is actually expecting something at the end of it. There are people who have reached a certain point, but suddenly the mind is blown away, realizing that he doesn’t want any of what’s happening. Wasted.
If you’re the only thing I ever get for Christmas, then everything I’ve wished for has come true.
Track: Only Thing I Ever get for Christmas
Album: Under the Mistletoe
True love would really make us exaggerating, but this line is actually true. If you feel that she’s really the happiness, the joy, the life– then what more could you wish for?
Don’t fear, don’t you worry ’bout a thing. I’m here. I’m here.
Track: Never Let You Go
Album: My World 2.0
The line of a perfect lover. Nothing will happen as long as he is there, because he will do everything to protect her. Talk about the prince-y attitudes.
I’ve been thinking ’bout you all day long, hoping you’ll pick up your phone.
Track: Heartbreaker
Album: Music Journals

If you had a quarrel with your lover, what you only wanted (after snobbing) is to talk about the situation. You always expect his words will come, wishing that forgiveness will soon take over.

Although this is originally written as a sad song, this could also be positive! Of course, if you are eager about someone, you’d always expect his call. It doesn’t matter what you two will talk about: hearing the voice is enough.

We don’t wanna fall but we’re trippin’ in our hearts.
Track: Stuck in the Moment
Album: My World 2.0
Young love requires us to control our feelings, which means that you cannot easily fall in love due to some circumstance. But sometimes, love is just really so powerful that the more we control it, the more our feelings get stronger.
Didn’t you think that I wouldn’t see you out at the movies? What you’re doing to me? You’re taking him where we used to go.
Track: That Should be Me
Album: My World 2.0
How could possibly an ex quickly move on? That’s unfair. And if you think that the one you left easily forgot you as well, he has not. He’s still watching you, hopeful that things will be arranged and you will come back.
I know where I’ll be: right by your side.
Track: One Time
Album: My World 1.0
We can just be so certain about things when we are in love. And sticking with your partner is probably the best idea you could get.
For you I’d be running a thousand miles just to get to where you are.
Track: Somebody to Love
Album: My World 2.0


Again, it’s all about exaggeration.But who could tell that this is impossible? For someone you love, you can do everything and promise everything. After all, she’s the other half of your life.


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