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What about temporary distraction?

Perhaps at least once in your life, you’ve met a person who (apparently) just passed by. Okay, he was good, fun to be with, decent and he’s just someone whom you wanted to spend your time with. Everything was perfect until one day he left you. It’s not that he hated you, nor you did something wrong to push him away. It’s just that, he will leave because it’s time. There’s no point of staying, beacuse after all, you are just a temporary distraction.

It hurts right? You’ve imagined and looked forward to doing other things with him, even expected a deeper connection that will strengthen your bond as friends (or even more). But the opportunity will just be engulfed into oblivion, as if there’ll be no chance of recovering something you’ve created before. He just left. You wanted to chase him, but it feels like it’s not the right thing to do.

But what about that temporary distraction? Why does he have to leave? It seems that we have the right to be disappointed and angry about the matter, but it is also okay to feel sympathetic about this kind of person. He may be broken, incomplete, confused — he doesn’t know where to go. He would just stop by at you to test the waters and see where things could lead him. And if everything–as in every thing, didn’t turn out to be fine, he will leave. For him, you are just another type of candy he wants to try. You may taste very sweet, but if it turned out sour for him, he will chew you out. But don’t hold him back if he decided to leave, or if he himself pushed you away. Let him leave you, ’cause he will never, ever be staying with you. Do not prolong the pain, for goodness sake.

But how come do these people exist? We may just seem as your temporary stops, but please, bear in mind that we are someone else’s goal. Don’t waste our time for a stupid reason such as creating memories because you think it’s a good thing to make your time pass by. Never try things as if we are just samples that you could experiment on. This is not trial and error. Neither it is a test if we could surpass all the positive things you have experienced so far. If you already anticipated that things will never last between the two of you, then do not stay. Why attach yourself when in the end you’ll have a hard time detaching and separating yourselves from each other?

A warning for people who are fond of having someone as their temporary distraction: it hurts a lot. It’s painful and heartbreaking, especially if you left the impression that you could stay or possibly return. If you have no intentions of staying because you think everything may not be okay for you, stop playing games. Just leave. We don’t have time to create stupid memories, which will later be burned and buried.


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