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How One Direction and Why Don’t We captured our hearts

When One Direction’s What Makes you Beautiful topped the charts in 2011, a crazy, loving fandom of Directioners were born drooling over the English guys from X Factor. This year, a young group of American Youtube sensations also made a fandom for their band called Why Don’t We that just got bigger with their song Trust Fund Baby. Young, dreamy and passionate girls (hello, self) just can’t contain our feelings. But it’s not because of the irresistible cuteness and charming looks. Beat, melodies and golden voices weren’t the main reason either. One Direction and Why Don’t We knows just know how to work on the magic, and that is making songs that we wanted to hear.

It has to be clear that fangirls are not just after the apparent market features of a boy band. The new generation of fangirls are more obsessed with the substance of their favorite artists, not just how they package themselves and project in screens. We are done being fans of a handsome someone when he just sings “Oohs” and “Yeah” in three minutes. We fangirls want communication. We want relation. We want an idea that we will agree with, and these two boy bands just know how to do it.

To demonstrate, let us first go to One Direction’s What Makes you Beautiful. The title itself captures our attention, as it if says “there’s some beauty inside me that no one sees yet except you.” It makes us feel our value and it’s just as romantic as the first line which says “You’re insecure, don’t know what for.” It’s amazing that they know what’s in our minds. That is, we aren’t really ideal girls that can be seen on movies. But One Direction gave us the idea that it doesn’t matter and there is nothing to worry about. As the song goes, the band tells us that no matter how we think we are not beautiful, we truly are in their eyes. That message just touched our hearts, stirring up the confidence among us. They make us feel valuable and they removed our insecurities. It is just what we like.

Why Don’t We works like One Direction, except that it brought the idea of breaking the stereotypes. When all this time we thought that guys like the prettiest, the most flawless and sexiest in town, it turns out that boys just wanted the unnoticed ones like us. No, they don’t want the fake tan, short skirts, and Louboutins. They want the no makeup girls in Nike, who could even climb trees. These lyrics just gave us the hope that we can be somebody in the eyes of someone, and nothing’s more special than hearing that.  In a world of Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, they made us feel that we are just the same, or even better, than who we thought were queens.

We’ve had enough of songs that do not reflect us. We are done hearing “big booty,” “sexy back” and “lips like cherry” lines from the songs that just make us dance. We want songs that when we hear or sing along with, we are talking to the world. We want a song that is a representation and a voice of our hearts.

We are lucky that One Direction and Why Don’t We existed because they just didn’t capture our hearts through lyrics. Apart from the messages, they are so handsome that we wanted to marry them all. Who wouldn’t want the prince-y looking guy who makes you feel special? Add the fact that their voices are really good without auto-tunes, and even if they separate they could stand on their own. They are whole package that makes us want to support them more.


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