poems, random thoughts

F’s and O’s

I never knew that this would be

The end of what you promised inifinity

I thought that everything would last

Until you hurt me and we became past


I chose you, I protected you

All the good I did just to save us two

You ignored, you betrayed

I could’ve hurt you but I just prayed


Despite everything, I’ll say sorry

Cause I’ve forgotten each of our story

From ‘us,’ we’ll bring it back to ‘you’

Stop being with me and all the things I do


I don’t want your name to be

In every mind’s picture beside me

I know it’s me who cut the ties

I regret nothing, you have done these cries


A little note that I could live

Without you, your help – – I have no fear

Why would I wish to stay with you?

When you used to leave me when I need you







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